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Phenergan generic price

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1,718 people who take tylenol, phenergan are studied.

The disruption of energy metabolism within malignant cells caused by phenergan is believed to weaken defences sufficiently to allow calcium to enter the cells and wreak serious damage.

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Phenergan promethazine hcl suppositories should be used with caution in patients with bone-marrow depression.

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Excessively large dosages of antihistamines, including phenergan promethazine hcl suppositories, in pediatric patients may cause sudden death see overdosage .

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I suffer from chronic migraines with aura for as long as i could remember more than 21 years now and i ve also tried almost everything and what would work for me in the past was maxalt and promethazine but when this didn t help after the third day, my neurologist at the time, ordered me a demerol injection 100 mg with a promethazine injection 25 mg this stopped my migraine and i would be migraine free for at least two weeks so for two years i was getting these injections twice a month but then kaiser stopped using demerol all together my neurologist then ordered me a dilaudid injection 2 mg to replace the demerol but it was to strong and made me sick to my stomach but this was the only thing that worked so he increased my promethazine injection to 50 mg so again, it worked until i moved across the bay and my neurologist stopped working with patients with headaches so now kaiser has taken me off of narcotics completely and all the new drs neurologists want to do is want to try me on what they think will work for me so currently, i still do maxalt and phenergan but my migraines are more frequent and lasts longer now.

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phenergan is a known sedative and may cause drowsiness in some people.


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